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I will have a video to post today... 

now what?

Steps for posting a video:

  1. Message Emma a pic/screenshot from your video and tell her the title of the video.                 

    • Do not do this for any regularly scheduled show.

  2. Upload the video to Facebook and Youtube. Make sure to add a description and add the video to the appropriate playlist(s).

  3. Upload the video to the SGTV Fall 2020 Google Drive. It is pinned in the SGTV Slack channel. ​​

    • Title it the same as you would on Facebook and Youtube.​

    • Text or message Vincent Arceo that the video is ready to be posted to the website.

  4. Upload all pictures to the Social Media Drive, which is also pinned in the SGTV Slack channel. 

    • You can text or message Peter Smith if needed.​

How to title your video:

Keep in mind that the two Google Drives can be found as pinned messages in the #sgtv Slack channel.​

  • Regularly scheduled shows/videos: 

    • Title of Program | Date

    • Ex: Spurs Up | Sept. 13, 2020

  • Individual stories/packages:​

    • Title of Video | Division

    • The Guy Behind the Trombone | SGTV News 4

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