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  • Madison Blumenauer

Beamer's report after first spring scrimmage

University of South Carolina head football coach Shane Beamer met with media on Saturday to discuss spring practice and the upcoming fall season. This will be Beamer’s inaugural season with the Gamecocks.

Beamer started off by sharing that the team had just finished a scrimmage and that he was very pleased. He said that they were playing “pretty good, clean football” for their first scrimmage and felt that each player was carrying their weight.

He emphasized that the quarterbacks operated at a high level and that the defensive line played physical in response.

Beamer then went on to discuss spring practice and how it has been shaping up.

“I don’t want to say it’s what we can and can’t do, but it’s about what were best at,” said Beamer.

The big question on everyone’s mind, however, was about the quarterbacks.

All of South Carolina’s quarterbacks are young, and there was question of where freshman Luke Doty, who finished last season as the starter, was at.

According to Beamer, Doty is the top quarterback at the moment. The offense looks to him as a leader and has flourished during practice.

The one complaint Beamer had from the scrimmage today was that there were not enough explosive passing plays, attributing this to both young quarterbacks and the need for a greater focus on fundamentals.

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